Our Events Module is an addon which works seamlessly with our Base Platform and can be used to display event posts anywhere on the website. Once an event has ended it is automatically hidden from the website and the event content is replaced by a custom “This event has ended” message.

Past events can be delayed on the site under a separate section or page. This is useful when you need to make event content available to users after an event has passed, for example a webinar.

Events can be assigned to categories or marked as featured to give you more control over where different types of events are displayed. It’s easy to display events on the website using our Events Page Element, CPT Archive template or shortcode.

Please note, our Events Module does not handle ticket purchasing or seat management.


  • Included
    • Display upcoming events ordered based on next event start date
    • Events that have passed the event end date are automatically removed from upcoming events
    • Organise events into categories with the option to display all categories or a specific category anywhere on the website
    • Mark events as featured and display anywhere on the website
    • Display past events in a separate section or page
    • Once an event has passed you can display an “Event has ended” message. Alternatively you can display content made available after the event has ended, for example a webinar recording.
    • Display event contact information and location
    • Display details on how to purchase tickets to attend the event
  • Not Included
    • Ticket purchasing
    • Seat management


Event Title
Event Description
Event Featured Image
Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Location
Events Dates and Times
Event Cost
Event Category
Event is Featured
Event Booking Link or Form
Linked Location [if Location Module enabled]
Event Map
Event People or Speakers
Event Organiser Name
Event Organiser Phone
Event Organiser Email
Event Website
Event Social links (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) 
Event Gallery
Event Video