Release date: March 29, 2022

  • New
    • Added action and modal parameter on search_form allowing the search form to open a modal and submit the request inside the modal instead of redirecting it to another page.
    • Added a generic shortcode address_lookup_form_field to display lookup address field with more options to get address components from the google API.
    • Styling updates for property floorplan and gallery.


Release date: March 22, 2022

  • New
    • Remove atrealty designs selection field on site settings.
    • Property Hero Styling Updates
  • Fix
    • Fix gallery issue displaying error when gallery image array provided doesn’t have id


Release date: March 19, 2022

  • New
    • Add hi_gallery_render_image filter to allow developers to add filters to customize the images to show on gallery before it is render on the page.
  • Fix
    • Fix gallery issue displaying error when gallery image array provided doesn’t have id


Release date: March 18, 2022

  • New
    • Added the same Banner Options as other CPT to Team Single Page.
    • Added a function get_listing_image_size to get the best image size to render on a listing.
    • Added strict parameter on get_image_src and get_featured_image function get only the specified image size url.
  • Tweak
    • Removed Team Avatar field. Featured image is now used as the replacement.
  • Enhancement
    • Update all listing and other image content related display to render an appropriate image based on the listing layout involving per row and display.


Release date: March 16, 2022

  • New
    • Added thumbnail attribute to social_sharing shortcode to allow specifying thumbnails to use on the social sharer.
    • Added sidebar-element class to generic elements that are used on sidebar PCB
    • Allow specific team selection on team element listing.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on HI_Modal model when background is not supplied on the constructor parameters


Release date: March 15, 2022

  • New
    • Added field_prefix on hi_get_hidden_content_section helper function to define a custom field prefix to get hidden content message.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Site Settings Typography not able to pull settings value.


Release date: March 14, 2022

  • New
    • Added position property on HI_Contact to allow adding contact position details.


Release date: March 11, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix issue on including the Google Map API script on the theme and properly enqueue it.
  • Enhancement
    • Allow null on Modal button selections

v4.0.21 – v4.0.22

Release date: March 10, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix issue on theme updater affecting smtp mail sending.


Release date: March 4, 2022


Release date: March 3, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix the syntax error showing on Advanced PCB template.


Release date: March 2, 2022

  • New
    • Added a filters to alter element existing elements arguments.
    • Added a filters, allowing developers to use add_filter to modifying element arguments before the element is register on the theme.


Release date: February 28, 2022

  • New
    • Added ACF fields helper class acf-button-group-choices to make checkbox or radio button to look like acf button group field.
    • Allow HI_Query to accept multi dimentional meta_query with relation OR and AND relations.
    • Added Heading, Design and Advanced Options on Search Element.
    • Added Archived Element Option on all listing elements to allow and accept form request to filter result of the element base on the request.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on HI_Request_Helper throwing NULL value if terms request is not exist.
    • Fix issue on Sidebar on Any Page Template which is always enabled despite being disabled when using Default and Page Content Builder Template.
    • Fix issue on HI_Query when returned data are array in key => value pair structure.
  • Tweak
    • Re allow Page Content Builder and Default Template template to use Sidebar. PCB Bottom and Top will still be available for Advanced Page Content Builder template.
    • Added Advanced Tab on each element. Moved Search Filter from Listing Element Layout Tab, and CSS and ID from Design Tab

Due to the major updates on the template and availability of sidebar on the page, please make sure to check the pages of your project. You might need to resetup the sidebar on the affected pages.


Release date: February 24, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Query not showing results on Listing Elements when using IN comparison operator on meta meta_query.


Release date: February 23, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix issue on GOOGLE_MAP_API_KEY not able to pull values on site settings.


Release date: February 22, 2022

  • New
    • Added functionality to arrange the order of content to display on each listing elements.
    • Added support for DATE type meta query on HI_Query
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on HI_Query post_status args showing database error.


Release date: February 21, 2022

  • New
    • Added a default data value Name on theme_data shortcode.
    • Added default placeholder for search filter dropdown select field.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on sitemap shortcodes not able to show non hierarchical sitemap.
  • Tweak
    • Remove buttons as default options for all listing related shortcodes on meta to display attributes
    • Remove content options on gallery listing related shortcodes as gallery only have main description as content available
    • Changed sidebar attribute to widget on recent_post_widget and recent_project_widget shortcode
    • Remove unused attribute date_format on recent_project_widget.
    • Update email_modal default value to empty on social_sharing shortcode
    • Update instruction message for search filter custom based choices source and Allow any boolean value on shortcode attribute exclude_all
    • Changed CPT Sitemap order values to a shorter values

Make sure update your shortcode attributes for any updated shortcode on the above if you are using any on your project.


Release date: February 15, 2022

  • New
    • Added Advanced Page Content Builder Template which allows displaying of Sidebar, Top Page Element and Bottom Page Elements
    • Added has-sidebar as the main class when there is sidebar on a page. So there will be two class added on the main body content container if a sidebar is enabled, ex. has-sidebar has-sidebar-left.
  • Fix
    • Move hide from website field to General Tab on Project Settings.
  • Tweak
    • Change global-elements class to bottom-page-elements.

Update on Advanced Page Content Builder will caused the pages with sidebar. Make sure to check those page and change the page template to Advanced Page Content Builder and update sidebar options. Please also make sure to check Bottom Page Elements, if you style the global-elements container please make sure to update.

v4.0.10 – v4.0.11

Release date: February 11, 2022

  • Tweak
    • Fix the issue on Theme Updater functionality which wiping out theme files when updating plugin. Enable back the functionality 


Release date: February 11, 2022

  • Tweak
    • Temporary disabling of Theme Updater functionality due to updater issue which wiping out theme files when updating plugin. 

Theme updater is currently disabled on this version, to return back updater functionality and pull update, uncomment line 260 on functions.php of the theme


Release date: February 11, 2022

  • Tweak
    • Renamed the theme to Launchpad and update theme details. 

The theme is now changed to a new repo and details are also changed. Make sure to use launchpad-theme as your new parent theme folder and child theme must be launchpad-theme-child


Release date: February 10, 2022

  • New
    • Added a built in function hi_is_field_group_exists to check if an ACF field group post exists (local field group resitered via PHP are not supported). 
    • Added a built in function hi_acf_field_group_location_rule_exist to check location rules of an ACF field group (local field group resitered via PHP are not supported).
    • Added ACF field on CPT General Settings to customize Hide on Website message. The field can only be visible if the prepared ACF group post for Hide on Webiste is imported on the site and the field is visible on the post type.
  • Fix
    • Allow null value on Post Archive page selection field.


Release date: February 9, 2022

  • Fix
    • Fix issue Hide on Website, single page content should be hidden.
  • Tweak
    • Move default alignment for section header, footer and pagination from base stylesheet to hicaliber theme’s stylesheets


Release date: February 9, 2022

  • New
    • Added Hide From website functionality with filter to show the field on a post
    • Added support for SVG and SVGZ file upload on media
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Default Page Template with missing page-banner-hidden class on body
  • Tweak
    • Remove page Auto Creation for About Us, Contact Us and Home Page
  • Enhancement
    • Cleanup class.theme-helper.php

v4.0.01 – v4.0.04

Release date: February 3, 2022

  • New
    • Added Theme Update Notification functionality
    • Added PHP and WP Require details on Theme
    • Added shortcode theme_data to fetch Theme details
    • Admin CSS minor fixes and removal of unused styles.

Other version were just used for theme update push notification testing.


Release date: February 2, 2022

  • Born of Theme Version 4
  • New
    • Added Element Registration/Helper built in function, filters, and action hook which help on the property element registration and get or check element details and properties. The element registration allows registering new elements to any or specific Element Builder. You can define the element properties during element registration to set the element name, description, Page Content Builder menu position and icon, View Template to use when rendering the elements, element ACF layout options to show on the Page Content Builder where it is registered. You can also set if an element can be activate/deactivate on Site Settings and can be use as global element.
    • Added theme built in functions to register CPT, allowing to customize CPT based on the corresponding CPT General Settings for the Custom Post Type. The function also have ability to define linkable CPT which allows to link the CPT to another CPT.
    • Added While Label Tab and Options to define Website Author details and settings. This update allows the customization of the Theme/Website Author data such as Brand colour, name, description, version, URL, tag, Theme Screenshot as well as Support Link.
    • Added Default Layout on Site Settings -> Footer Layout.
    • Added Tag Taxonomy on all CPT Theme Base CPT such as Post, Gallery, Testimonial, Team, FAQ, and Project.
    • Added Archive Page option on each CPT General Settings to define the main archive page where a back button or breadcrumbs link can return to when click.
    • Added Solid Background Banner Type on Page Options and CPT Pages Banner Options to allow having a plain background color on page banner.
    • Added Bottom Page Content Builder as part of Page Content Builder Template to allow adding element below body content section which will be useful to display element with full width design when the main body content section have sidebar elements. And added similar Builder on all CPT Single, Category and Tag pages
    • Added secondary featured image on project module
    • Added options to show/hide carousel arrow/dots on all element with carousel layouts. Helper classes for this are now deprecated.
    • Added options to choose h1 or h2 tag on section title on any elements
    • Remove Location Module to a separate plugin, to use Location on the theme, Location Plugin is now needed. All Location related function, shortocode, etc will not work anymore without the plugin.
    • Created shortcode for CPTs to generate select field similar to post_select_field. such as gallery_select_field, project_select_field, and team_select_field.
    • Added simple_gallery shortcode that can be use to render gallery similar to gallery element that load specific list of images, but that instead of specific list of image, the shortcode load a specific post gallery as reference of any post that has gallery field.
    • Added post_gallery shortcode that render an advance gallery similar to post single page description gallery element.
    • Added now shortcode to display the current time with specific format.
    • Allow overrides on each functions and shortcode from the base theme theme to child or plugins.
  • Fix
    • Major style and script fixes due to major updates on the HTML structures on page and all elements
    • Fix all issues on Project Gallery Slider
    • Fix carousel glitches on hero and elements
    • Fix jumping issue with login Author Link
    • Fix issue on background image overlay
    • Other minor fixes and updates on shortcode and functionality.
  • Tweak
    • Change Site Settings -> General -> Designs name number and added two new design
    • Update all Theme Base CPT Menu and Submenu Labels to have Uniform labeling.
    • Social Media, CTA, and Form Elements are now gone and deprecated on V4. Use other element like content box, Column element and or shortcode as alternative.
    • Renamed child-menu shortcode to child_menu
    • Renamed search-post shortcode to search_post.
    • Breaks page_listing_element shortcode to different shortcode to display listing elements such as: faq_element, and team_element, project_element, testimonial_element, gallery_element, and post_element. All attributes have also been updated based on the corresponding element options. So page_listing_element shortcode will no longer work. Additional shortcode have also been added to display the listing body only without the section such as faq_posts, team_posts, project_posts, testimonial_posts, gallery_posts, and post_posts.
    • Breaks sitemap shortcode into different shortcode to render sitemap of page and CPTs such as page_sitemap, post_sitemap, team_sitemap, testimonial_sitemap, gallery_sitemap, and project_sitemap.
    • Update post_select_field to use only for post
    • Rename bread shortcode to breadcrumbs
    • Removed hic_gallery and advanced_gallery shortcode
    • Change hs_year shortcode to two today shortcode with attributes to specify the format.
  • Enhancement
    • Change Page Content Builder Element Selection Field to Flexible Layout and Major Updates on Fields structure making all element fields uniform. Coolable Fields are added on the back end for Common Fields like Layout, Header, Footer, Design etc.
    • Improve Global Elements and Modal Element, both element are now changed to CPTs based element which allows creation of Global Elements or Modal Elements as post. An element can only be use as Global Element when it is define as global element during element registration. All modal functionality should now use modal selection field to select a modal. Shortcode and element that uses Modal are all updated.
    • Refactor functions, php file, and script files; simplify some functionality; remove unnecessary file to improve theme performance.
    • Refactor and Improve CPT Settings to have uniform Options to Customized the Custom Post Type and Taxonomies Label, Slug, Icon, and Visibility. The Sidebar tab on each CPT Settings are now break separately on their corresponding page tab settings. The options on each Single Page and Taxonomy pages have now similar options to control the Banner, Sidebar, Main Page Content Builder and Bottom Page Content Builder. Furthermore, Single Page will now work only for Single Pages with Default Page Template. Page Content Builder template will work the same as Pages.
    • Refactor CPT Details field groups. Separate cloneable field groups where added to allow developers to easily clone the field when needed on a new custom post type. The group fields naming and label has been changed to uniform naming which allows to fetch details easier on different post using the same module/functions. This also allows developers to Develop/Register Generic elements that will work on all CPT. Example: Additional Information Generic Element, since CPT are using uniform field group. The generic element will work on these CPT because the CPTs have the same field name to fetch the value from. The following Generic fields and Elements have been added to most CPT’s Details field group option and Single page Main Page Content Builder of the CPT
      • Media – This field group have Gallery and Video Details, and can use Video Generic Element to render the details on the CPT single page. Gallery uses differently elements that suits the CPT
      • Information – Field group to define CPT basic information. CPT such as Team with Rewards, Specialties, etc have been removed replaced by this.
      • Features – Field group to define CPT’s Features details
      • Additional Information – This show external information link
      • FAQ – Can define or use FAQ Post
    • Removed CPT Archive Template, But to create an Archive page a paginations and search filter selection was added on each CPT Listing Elements on Page Content Builder making each CPT Listing elements able to create a Listing Archive Section. This is now the improve version of the removed template. A Search Options are added on each CPT to defines different type of search filter. Additionally, major updates to search filter/form related functionality are made as follow:
      • Change checkbox_filter and button_filter to just search_filter which allow rendering search filter as radio button, checkbox and button. Multiple filter can be combined to filter results.
      • Rename advance_search_form and removed search_post shortcodes. The new shortcode for this is now search_form which are now the combine version of the removed shortcode
      • Search Form Element is added on page content builder to allow creation of a search form that redirects to another page.
    • Improve Element Models and HTML Structure making all Models to use one main Box Model and make it easier to do an update on the element, section, modal, etc. HTML structure.
    • Change Classic Editor to Gutenberg editor on all Theme Base CPT
    • Refactor and unify taxonomy group field for Taxonomy Options for Category and Tag
    • Allow Listing Elements content to display to be controlled the order by sequence of the data entered on the option. This works on both element and shortcodes. Buttons are now gone on selection but a Link Type options is added to define the type of link to display namely Text, Button or None.
    • Improve and unify all pages HTML structure

Please keep in mind that V4 have major updates on overall functionality, process, and structure. To change an existing V3 website, it is necessary to create a new server and keep the existing server as references to recreate it.


Release date: July 29, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added hide-hero-gallery-slider-for-small and show-hero-gallery-slider-for-large class helper to hide and show hero gallery slider.
    • Added hero gallery image helper classes similar to page element image helper classes: hero-contain-images, hero-square-images, hero-landscape-images, hero-portrait-images, hero-long-portrait-images, and hero-round-images.
  • Fix
    • Remove margin bottom and top from hic-image-container.
    • Fix issue on gallery lightbox functionality which working even though lightbox is disabled
    • Move hero video background play button on mobile above the message.
    • Do not load Google Map js if no API key provided and display message if element an element with map required the key is tried to display.


Release date: July 20, 2021

  • Dev
    • Allow max_number_of_words on page_listing_element shortcode for post.
    • Added Button Group for Description Gallery on Project Single page and added Custom to customized button.
    • Added default map zoom when there is no search radius defined on location map.
  • Fix
    • Fix the issue on location map not filtering map marker and adjust zoom effect on search based on radius
    • Fix issue on content_box shortcode not able to set website link as button and showing empty button if there is no website
    • Fix ussie on listing element not able to read vimeo video.


Release date: July 14, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added countdown shortcode to display countdown timer.
    • Added ACF repeater field helper class disable-sorting and apply to modal and global elements on site settings
    • Added responsive-table class helper
    • Added hic_minify_js php function helper
    • Added project category filter and gallery category filter to the element.
    • Added product FAQ shortcode
    • Added new helper classes grey-white-boxes and white-grey-boxes for alternate grey and white boxes
    • Added support for link format to use internal or external link to override post read more link.
    • Added Order option to Product CPT Archive template
    • Added title location option for single post
    • Added FAQ Tab order option
    • Added testimonials as supported type to recent_posts and page_listing_element shortcode
    • Added page_builder_elements shortcode to allow displaying page elements of a page to another page
    • Added Filter type and dropdown filter on Location Element
    • Added ability to display button_filter shortcode populated by taxonomy and post field
    • Added Support to display project elements on page_listing_element shortcode
    • Added post_id to specify post to show on page_listing_element shortcodes. Applicable on product, directory, project, and post
    • Added column attribute on content_box shortcode to add cell container and specify the column size. Also added classes attribute to add class helpers to the cell container
  • Fix
    • Fix issue with Hicaliber Post Widget.
    • Fix issue on multiple google map lookup search form on same page and prevent from submitting form without a complete lookup address value.
    • Fix date format of any listing codes to use WP Settings
    • Fix styling issue of Product Gallery showing the lightbox icon on hover when lightbox is disabled.
    • Fix issue with Project Description gallery not able to accept shortcode.
    • Fix Location Listing showing phone number on email
    • Fix issue with Project modules.
    • Fix project filter not working issue.
    • Fix issue on excerpt more error
    • Fix issue on product listing permalink is adding 111
    • Fix issue on breadcrubms showing singular post name for archive
    • Fix issue on modal not able to pull subheading
    • Fix issue on loadmore button shortcode having conflict when there is multiple loadmore button on the page
  • Tweak
    • Change button shortocde for modal and align number based on the row number of the modal element.
  • Enhancement
    • Gallery Category filter improvement
    • Global Custom Button improvement for Product
    • Gallery Shortcode improvement 
    • Improve Zoom icon for images


Release date: June 18, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added meta, text_to_display and max_words on recent_posts shortcode and removed button_text which should follow the settings.
    • Added page_listing_element shortcode to display a listing element. Allowing to use all functionality of a page element and allow display the listing on without the section (Currently working for listing, product, post, and team).
    • Added support to use single page or page data on content_box shortcode by adding use_single_data attribute
    • Added product, project, event, listing, and location box model structure
    • Added location, location-item classes, and location id as data to location model, same goes to event, project, and article model.
    • Added phone link, email link, and modal link to button element and fix issue with modal link
    • Added carousel helper classes disable-carousel-for-small-only, disable-carousel-for-medium-only, disable-carousel-for-medium, and enable-carousel-for-large-only
    • Added support to read html on the content_box shortcode so it works the same as content box element
    • Added hic-button-wrap container to group location map preview buttons
    • Added direction to data attributes of location_details shortcode
    • Added opening hours group by option on map preview of location module
  • Fix
    • Fix styling issue on Gravity form date field.
    • Fix issue on search-form shortcode when google map api is enabled
    • Fix br tag issue generated between buttons
    • Fix for order_by value of product element
    • Fix location accordion issue which load location single page content builder elements content


Release date: June 4, 2021

  • Dev
    • Hide Property Listing buttons if Property Single Page is disabled.
    • Added heading tag options for page content element and cpt archive
    • Added media audio and video format support for post.
    • Added Order and order by options on product element.
    • Added social_sharing, post_media_download and post_media_transcript shortcodes.
    • Added page_select_field shortcode to show page selection on the page and redirect into it
    • Added locations_map_with_list shortcode to show location map with listing result on the side.
    • Added Search radius functionality to location map with list search
    • Added the field for Serviced Postcode on Location Details.
    • Added map layouts to location element and integrate location_map_with_list shortcode to the element with options to set location as user location.
    • Added user current user location to map element search filter with list.
    • Added your_location option fields on location settings to control the messages of the your_location shortcode.
    • Added your_location_address_lookup_field to display location selector address lookup field. Best to use for your_location shortcode.
    • Added Option to disabled product single page and options to display content in modal element.
    • Added shortcode for post_featured_image, and post_terms to get and display any post featured image and terms
    • Added enquire button to product element
    • Added set_location_detail shortcode to display the save location detail
    • Added group_by shortcode attribute for location_detail to group opening-hours data into note or day and also added class attribute to add class on each details
    • CSS updates for complex gravity form fields.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on admin css styling rule for font heading
    • Fix styling issue for content box gallery
    • Fix issue on stick-to-top helper classes which not able to scroll smoothly when an anchor page that goes to section with id is clicked.
    • Fix main-content styling issue when page have has-both-sidebar on full-width-layout and wide-layout.
    • Fix Sticky Header jumping on load issue
    • Fix issue on button_filter shortcode not able to load all items when loadmore is disabled.
    • Fix pagination issue on Post CPT Archive
    • Fix issue on directory listing and product listing plugin rendering compare widget without the plugins.
  • Tweak
    • Move breadcrumbs from hero v2 template to fix breadcrumbs not showing when hero banner is hidden.


Release date: May 14, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added linked_posts_detail shortcode to display the details of the post where it is linked, this is the oppossite of linked_posts shortcode which display listing of post linked to it. The shortcode can only accept location at the moment. See Post Shortcode for more information.
    • Modified child-menu shortcode and added id, widget and widget title attribute. See Menu Shortcode for more information.
    • Added disable-carousel-infinite and enabled-carousel-infinite class helper to disable carousel infinite slide
    • Added advanced_search_form and search_form_field shortcode to display advanced search filter similar to CPT Archive search filter but have more functionality. See Filter Shortcode for more information.
    • Added has-placeholder-image class on product, project, and directory element model if no image.
    • Added term_title and term_description shortcode to display category, tag or any post term title and description on any page. See Post Shortcode for more information.
    • Added class helper for stick-to-top, stick-to-top-for-small-only, stick-to-top-for-medium, stick-to-top-medium-only, and stick-to-top-for-large to make an element stick to the top of the page or below header if header sticky is enabled. See Other class helper for more information
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on CPT Archive product element not displaying has-media and has-image and other classes on cell
  • Tweak
    • Update all Resources Links on Admin to the latest URL.


Release date: May 04, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added hiVideo PHP Object that can be use to validate and get Youtube or Vimeo Thumbnail image.
    • Added print_post shortcode to display a Print Link or Button that print post main elements or any specific target selector. See Button Shortcode for more information.
    • Added favicon to admin and wordpress file access and use hicaliber icon by default.
    • Added Code Element to Post, Team, Review, Gallery, Location, Location Post, Project, and Product Single Pages
  • Fix
    • Fix vertical alignment styling issue of video play button on Mac and Iphone device.


Release date: April 30, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added loadmore shortcode to control a listing element loading elements. See Button Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added linked_posts shortcode to display linked post listing element for post, listing, team,and product to location single page or member pages or any page. See Post Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added option to change Location singular and plural labels.
    • Added ability to override PROJECT_VIEW object on child theme.
    • Added Code Element to site settings Global Element.
  • Fix
    • Fix the issue on wide layout when there is sidebar.
    • Fix issues on ProductDirectory, and Events listing element when used inside another element (Nested Element).
    • Fix issue on Category Page Post Listing Element missing has-media and has-image classes and also Fix the issue on the element meta options for date and author not working. The issue on Read more button label have also been fixed.
    • Fix the issue on Article model which display empty <li> tag for date, author or category when these are empty or not selected on Meta Options


Release date: April 23, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added search field sanitation for location, events and directory CPT archive search form to add security and avoid execution of html, js, css scripts on the search form.
    • Changed directory elements label to the default or the set post type label for singular and plural.
  • Fix
    • Fix JS issue for sidebar custom mobile menu and styling.
    • Fix breakline issue on contact_info shortcode for address, email and phone data.
  • Tweak
    • Change forms field populated variables to generic names, namely post_title, post_id, post_url
    • Update sql dump file


Release date: April 16, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added post_id shortode to display the post or page id on the page
    • Added layout and widget_title shortcode attribute to location_contact
    • Added widget attribute to menu shortcode to display the menu as sidebar widgets element
  • Tweak
    • Removed the menu_title_class as it is not necessary and changed menu_title attribute to widget_title


Release date: April 14, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added A Mini version of the Content Boxes Element to Gallery, Location, Location Post, Testimonials, Project, Team, and Post Single Page which allows adding custom content layout.
    • Added Post Main Page Content Builder to Post Settings and Added Post Content Element
    • Added Page Content Builder for Global and Related Elements at the bottom of Main Page Content Builder on Gallery, Location, Location Post, Project Single Page.
  • Fix
    • Fix the broken layout issue on Gallery Single Page that cost by content gallery description element issue
    • Fix and Update Sidebar Options and logic for Gallery Single Page
    • Fix layout of Video Banner Option on Page Option making it full width.
  • Tweak
    • Update solid background default height min height making it the same as the page banner.


Release date: April 12, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added Listing Button label label to project module settings
    • Added image field as well as Include Main Description and label on Project Information Element repeater field
    • Add Carousel and Grid layout to Project Information Element and Product Information Element
    • Added ability to add Project Status on Project Settings and use that to select per project and added option to Project Element to filter result based on the selected project status.
    • Added project status class on each project item on the all project listing element which will be helpful for styling and search filter
  • Fix
    • Fixes error on related listing element of project single page
  • Tweak
    • Hide Category Page tab of Project Setting when Category is disabled.
    • Update structure of project listing and project information element based on Product module
    • Change Tab Title to Title only and Tab Content to Content only for both Product and Project Information Detail.


Release date: April 04, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added and Update Listing Button Label label and default value on Post and all Custom Post type settings except gallery.
    • Added ability to use Page Content Builder Template on Project Single Page.
    • Added next_post and prev_post shortcode to display next and previous post of any post and custom post type on their single pages. See Post Shortcode Documentation for more information.
  • Fix
    • Fix error on single Gallery Description Element when there is no image to display
    • Fix error on Property Listing Element when there is no selected tag
  • Tweak
    • Changed Product Plugin B_QUERY Object to PRODUCT_QUERY to avoid conflict on the on the Property Listing Plugin B_QUERY object.
    • Move all Listing Button Label options to General tab.


Release date: April 01, 2021


Release date: April 01, 2021

  • Dev
    • Allow closing the fullscreen menu when a menu item that goes to the page section is clicked.
    • Added sidebar validation and default values
    • Added Sidebar options for Location Archive and Category Page and make those works with options to be overridden by the page option sidebar settings.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Project Element not able to print has-media and has-image class to the list item container.
    • Fix issue on 404 error on login page template.
    • Fix the issue on Product Wishlist when Directory plugin is installed.
    • Fix Single Testimonial “Undefined Object QUERY_HELPER” Error.
  • Tweak
    • Changed Directory Wishlist to Compare.
    • Update the Default Page, Default Single Page, Default Archive and Default Category Page Templates and Front page to comply on the sidebar updates.


Release date: March 28, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added options to add additional widget on site settings
  • Fix
    • Fix unidentified variable $past_event_class issue on cource CPT Archive page.
  • Tweak
    • Change sidebar options selection to allow both left and right sidebar and allow selection of sidebar to display on the page/post.
    • Modified logic to load specific selected sidebar on either Post Type Settings or Individual Sidebar Options on Page Settings.

Please make sure the sidebar of the projects you’re working on as you now need to select specific sidebar to display on your pages/posts.


Release date: March 25, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added settings-map.php acf field groups for cloning,
    • Added post_excerpt, post_published_date, post_modified_date, and post_permalink, shortocdes to display post/page excerpt, publish date, modified date and permalink anywhere on the website. See Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added basic styling for Directory Listing Plugin
    • Added Directory Listing Hero Meta Details on page-banner layout
    • Added Listing Status option on Directory Element on both PCB and CPT Archive


Release date: March 22, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added opening-hours as supported data on location_detail shortcode. See Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added post_description shortcode to display any post/page description anywhere on the website. See Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added id as attribute of post_title shortcode to allow display any post/page anywhere on the site. See Shortcode Documentation for more information.
    • Added Directory Element on both PCB and CPT Archive.
  • Fix
    • Fix mobile styling of non page-banner hero and also fix the issue Hero Button alignment on mobile and height of non page banner hero.
    • Refix content box / listing element for split and image above-content layout when there is no image.


Release date: March 18, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added new attribute categories and date_format to recent_post shortcode. See Shortcode Documentation for more information
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Location Frachisee where admin are not able to publish new location.
    • Move contact-layout-4 styling that supposed to be for business theme to hicaliber-business-theme.css.
    • Fix issue on content box / listing element for split and image above content layout when there is no image.


Release date: March 15, 2021

  • Fix
    • Fix issue on CPT Archive not showing some active post type on the post type selection.
    • Fix the issue on button shortcode when data_open attribute value is equal to 0.
    • Fix the error when disable_html is true on location_contact shortcode.
    • Fix the issue on location_contact not able to show avatar
  • Tweak
    • Change location_contact attribute from datas to data. See Shortcode Documentation for more information

Please make sure to check your page that uses location_contact shortcode and it’s attribute datas, please change it to data.


Release date: March 12, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added menu_title and menu_title_class attribute for the menu shortcode.
    • Added value for address if available in url param of search-post shortcode. Also added api and country_code attribute to the shortcode.
    • Added accordion as new layout type on Location Element.
    • Added Query condition for location which include location distance.
    • Added and matched gallery options of product description & Gallery element from project module
  • Fix
    • Fix the undefined index error shows on team modal element
    • Fix styling of image-slider of product description & gallery element.
    • Fix issue on Event Element missing content to display option
    • Fix heading issue hiding behind the hero form when scrolled up
    • Fix hero form position on hero form-right layout
    • Fix listing query for selected posts
    • Fix Invalid assignment of value error on helper function
  • Tweak
    • Removed the get author ability from CPT Archive for post.


Release date: February 11, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added team element Show in Modal functionality on Team Element
    • Added options to setup modal elements of the team similar to Modal Element option on Site Setting.
    • Added Team specialty and Awards details on single page front end display. Also added option to add heading to both details on Team Settings as well as for Contact.
    • Added fixed position options to Back to Top Button.
    • Added graphic layout selection for Footer Layouts.
    • Added banner solid background option.
    • Added team toggle option to enable/disable single page.
    • Added footer-body class to footer grid, top-header-body class to header top header grid, and top-bar-body class to header top bar grid to make the grid easier to target.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on form layout Content Above Form (Optional Map Right) and Content Above Form (Optional Map Left) which are not working.
    • Fix Footer Back to Top Button issue on position options and tooltip styling issue.
    • Major fixes on Footer Layouts (where all have the same layout) and layout 4 not working.
    • Fix default and header layout 3 styling and responsive issues.
    • Fix image-left-content and image-right-content and other related layout which are not working on Team Element.
    • Fix styling of portrait-images and long-portrait-images, making it square on mobile.
  • Tweak
    • Change Team Global Settings Label to Team Settings changing the options page to acf-options-team-settings.
    • Move acf-php-settings/team-global-settings.php to team-module/team-acf-settings.php and acf-php-settings/team-profile.php to team-module/team-acf-profile.php
    • Adjust spacing between social media icons from 16px to 8px
    • Update Team Custom Link, changed its label to External Profile link and update field description
    • Update team social media structure to be the same as the base social media structure for both property listing element and single page.
    • Change Footer Structures of all layout to standard structure similar to page elements, structure is now footer > inner-footer > grid-container > footer-body (the grid-x) > cell.

Please make sure to check the your footer when you upgrade to this version.


Release date: February 04, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added Random, Order Number and ID as option to order by on FAQ element, making the selection consist of ID, Date, Title, Order Number and Random.
    • Add the same order by options from FAQ Element to Team Element.
  • Tweak
    • Major updates on get_field() function by changing all to _get_field_value() to avoid conflicts when using migration tools like All In One
    • Change property tag to normal WordPress Property Tag. Updated the Property Listing Element on both Content Page Builder and CPT Archive.
    • Update sql dump file.

Please make sure to check the Property Element and CPT Archive Property Element tag selection before you update your project. Also make sure to Update Property Listing plugin and Rex Listing plugin if used on the project then run the REX cron job to update Property listing data. See Property Listing Plugin Changelog and Rex Listing Plugin Changelog for more information about this update.


Release date: February 02, 2021

  • Dev
    • Integrate the Tribe Event to Hicaliber event module/plugin.
    • Added default Map API key when there is no MAP API key supplied on Site Settings to fix and avoid Google Map API JS error.
    • Added platform function get_all_elements() to get all available elements.
    • Added platform function is_element_exists() to check if an elements is exist and available.
    • Added custom link to Team CPT
  • Tweak
    • Update dump.sql file
  • Enhancement
    • Hide all non available Elements on CPT Archive Post Type Selection


Release date: January 28, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added Select Search filter to CPT Archive location listing element.
    • Added hide-carousel-dots and show-carousel-arrows for carousel elements that have shown dots and hidden arrow by default.
  • Fix
    • Allow the usage of Page Content Builder using default template on home page to fix and avoid loosing the homepage content when updating to the latest version.
    • Fix issue carousel position when there is dots.
    • Fix Tabs Special character issue.


Release date: January 23, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added ability to add initial number of item to load on button_filter shortcode loadmore functionality and also added ability to add number of item to load when the loadmore button is clicked.
  • Fix
    • Fixes all the issues on button_filter shortcode.
  • Tweak
    • Remove front-page.php template to allow using CPT Archive and Page Content Builder page template on homepage.

This update will affect homepage, you will notice the Page Content Builder gone. Just make sure to change template to Page Content Builder to show the content back on the page.


Release date: January 22, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added option all for Listing type and Price type on property listing CPT Archive Element.
    • Added Button label settings for Team Listing
    • Added custom column name and featured on testimonial CPT
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on carousel dots when there are too many slides.
    • Fix issue on Header transparent sticky header background when scrolled


Release date: January 20, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added the Site Settings menu to Admin Bar.
    • Added default style for property single page map custom controls.
    • Added category as option to display on property listing element.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on hero video not able to play on apple mobile.
  • Tweak
    • Change listing element class name blurb to hic-blurb.


Release date: January 15, 2021

  • Dev
    • Business styling update.
    • Added Customize Top Header Colours to enable background and text colour customization.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on location module not able to list locations when franchisee is disabled.
    • Fix issue on Post Element showing the same date, author and category list for each item.
    • Fix PHP issue on the code to check font family pulled from the site settings.
    • Fix Location Map Issue on Places Search filter and fix the issue on map which not able to display info window.
  • Tweak
    • Change Top Header Background and Text Colour to Color Picker field.
    • Update SQL Dump file.


Release date: January 11, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added Text/Description, Headline, and Suburb as option in Content to display on Page Element and CPT Archive.
    • Added Suburb as option to display as Page title of property single page.
  • Fix
    • Remove page-banner-hidden class to fix single property page styling when single property hero layout is layout-4.


Release date: January 8, 2021

  • Dev
    • Remove scrollTop on mobile when clicking isotope button nav.
    • Added Category to property listing and adjusted page element, and CPT archive.
    • Added layout display options like image-above-content, image-overlay-content, etc on Property Listing element.
    • Added options to choose the content to display between address, price, meta details and button on both property listing page element and CPT archive.
    • Added Grid layout to CTP Archive of Property Listing front end section classes
  • Tweak
    • Update SQL Dump file of the clone copy.


Release date: January 5, 2021

  • Dev
    • Added scrolled on body class when scrolled is already added before the reload.
    • Added button_filter shortcode to display custom isotope nav filter.
    • Added carousel-nav and carousel-for class helper to sync two section carousel.
  • Fix
    • Fix button label error on Project CPT listing.
    • Fix header submenu menu item color styling on hover state.
    • Fix issue on Global Element on Site Settings showing unselected element from Site Element.
  • Tweak
    • Change all carousel related class helper name from slider to carousel. like hide-slider-dots to hide-carousel-dots, etc. Refer to Carousel Class Helper Documentation for the complete list and more information.
  • Enhancement
    • Refactor hicaliber-script.js – eliminating node js error and warnings when compiling.

This update generates Deprecation. Please refer to Class Helper Deprecation Table


Release date: December 18, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added vertical-carousel class helper
    • Added top header background and text color option.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on location user saving html and script tag which are being filtered.
    • Fix mobile menu dropdown arrow styling adding more width and height to the arrow to make it more easier to click.
    • Fix secondary header theme which is not working.
    • Fix issue on sticky header issue responsive.
    • Fix issue on max number of post field not accepting -1 as indication to display all post. This is now change to just blank instead.
    • Fix CTA Layout 2 and 3 which are not working


Release date: December 08, 2020

  • Dev
    • Fix the code to display woocommerce product prices using the old woo_money_format function of PRODUCT_VIEW object. The function can now return html version of the price format but can only return the old format without html by setting second parameter to false
  • Tweak
    • Change Modal Element layout full-screen-layout to two-column-layout and use the full-width width element to trigger a full screen layout.
  • Enhancement
    • Post CPT pagination improvement – remove the old js file for pagination and use the new one inside the new js file hicaliber-script.js

This update generates Deprecation. Please refer to Class Helper Deprecation Table


Release date: December 03, 2020

  • Dev
    • CPT Posts – Added List to Category Filter option. This will display all categories of posts that will filter the post by the selected category.
    • Added option for scroll reveal animation enqueue script which can be enable under Site Settings
    • Added Category Filter to Location Map
    • Added order attribute to sitemap shortcode. Refer to Shortcode Documentation for more information
  • Enhancement
    • Optimised platform, refactor JavaScripts & 3rd party JS library


Release date: December 02, 2020

  • Dev
    • Completed the Quantity functionality of Wishlist table layout.
    • Added Wishlist Totals table and style the responsive of all tables of Wishlist table layout.
    • Added sub total of each product multiplied by qty when display on Wishlist table layout listing
    • Added enquire modal options to allow multiple product enquiry/quotation from Wishlist table layout.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Custom Menu Area showing cart and wishlist shortcut after the menu


Release date: November 30, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Code Element to Page Content Builder
    • Added headerfooter and design option for wishlist listing
    • Added Table layout option on Wishlist listing element, making the design similar to Woo Cart
    • Added Quantity option to Wishlist listing front end when using table layout (Incomplete).
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Wishlist shortcut not displaying on mobile and tablet.
  • Tweak
    • Removed Wishlist Sample Request functionality.


Release date: November 27, 2020

  • Dev
    • Disable location archive page.
    • Change Location CPT label to Location Details for Location User Admin. 
    • Update Location admin column view count based on the number of post available for Location User. 
    • Allow Location User to edit their own location CPT.
    • Added options for wishlist listing layout and content options 
    • Added Options to organized wishlist shortcut, and option to define wishlist page
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Content Box showing hic-content container even though there is no content.
    • Fix issue on Content Box video not showing not able to override video image with the image set on the content box image field.
    • Restructure Wishlist product listing
    • General Fixes for the old code of Wishlist (Previously named as Favourites)
    • Fixes styling conflict between Cart and Wishlist shortcut
    • Fix styling issue for on sale products and related products listing issues
  • Tweak
    • Removed has-woo-cart class on header, the styling would be based on the adjacent element as the cart can be place on either header or top header.    
    • Reorganized  Product Settings field for Cart and Wishlist
  • Enhancement
    • Allow NULL for form selection field on Map Form Element


Release date: November 3, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added option to change slug of locationlocation post, and location page.
    • Removed Search Option and added option to customize header menu area.
    • Added Layout and Design option to Modal Element.
    • Added Second Content Options on Modal Element, allowing two column modal display.
  • Fix
    • Recover the lost opening hours fields.
    • Fix undefine variable issue on modal element.
  • Enhancement
    • Enhanced gallery single page layout.


Release date: October 28, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added datasdisable_htmlseparator, and widget parameter on location_contact shortcode and make it work the same as contact_info shortcode.
    • Added ability to add social media on each location.
    • Added shortcode location_social_media to diplay location franchisee social media anywhere on the site.
    • Added location page to location module which will only be usable once location franchisee is enabled.
    • Added location menu customization option to allow overriding the main pages header menu.
    • Added a new layout two-column-accordion for accordion element.
    • Added recent_location_posts shortcode for Location News listings
    • Added recent_location_posts_hero shortcode to display a custom hero element on the page displaying the most recent post content on the hero.
  • Fix
    • Remove CTA and Event field group details as well as Gallery content group on location details which are not not used at all.
    • Fix issue on location page logo link, contact phone and menu which shows the main pages data
    • Remove ability to add parent to Location Post.
    • Fix Image Left Accordion and Image Right Accordion Layout styling of Accordion Element
  • Tweak
    • Change Accordion Element Layout classes content-left to content-left-accordioncontent-right to content-right-accordionlayout-1 to image-left-accordionlayout-2 to image-right-accordion.
  • Enhancement
    • Arrange Location Details field group and fields.

This update generates Deprecation. Please refer to Class Helper Deprecation Table


Release date: October 26, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Lightbox for Gallery – Post Type Display of Gallery Element
    • Added Map Design Code 2 for location layout 2
    • Added Location URL Rewrite Rules for LocationLocation Post, and Location Post Archive Pages
    • Allow SVG File Upload to the theme.
  • Fix
    • Fix Global Element Advance Settings issue – Displaying even Global Element is not selected
    • Fix Gallery Category Page Content Builder
    • Fix Gallery count issue on frontends
    • Fix issue on CPT Archive not able to display shortcode on the main content
    • Fix Event Element undefined variable issue
    • Fix issue on Product Element Gallery Option not able to display gallery and fix zoom icon styling issue.


Release date: October 16, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Back to Top button option on Site Setting Footer as well as in Location Settings Custom Footer.
    • Added Opening Hours to Location Details.
  • Fix
    • Fix undefine variable error on post single category page
    • Fix issue on button element having wrong phone value
    • Added default value for title location to fix issue on post title location affecting location post
  • Enhancement
    • Remove white spaces on page element/global element container of cpt archive, single location, single location post and single post to make it easier to check if the container is empty.
    • Remove white spaces on post byline template to make it easily to check if the container is empty.


Release date: October 16, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added gravity form field helper classes for responsive display like field-medium-4 to make the field width half.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on gravity form radio and checkbox button where the text should be aligned on the left.
    • Fix issue on Video Banner not able to pull background overlay color value.
  • Tweak
    • Change field-left and field-right with the new form field responsive class field-medium-6.


Release date: October 15, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Title Position on Post Single Page when Banner is disabled. 
    • Added Element Width Option on CPT Archive
    • Added Category List Filter
    • Added class exist checking for hicaliber-theme-hero for child override purpose.
  • Fix
    • Fix Element Width not being added / pulled to element section classes on most of the element as well as post module elements.
    • Fix issue on Header and Footer of Location as well as Location Post Pages when Customization option is disabled on Location Settings.
    • Fix issue on Content Box classes has-imagehas-video, and has-gallery 
    • Fix issue on location element grid not pulling all website details label
    • Fix issue on location register_rest_route permission_callback issue


Release date: October 12, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Global Element Options Override for Content Box
  • Fix
    • Fix Post, CTA, and Map Form Element to pull the Element Width option
    • Refix large-2_4 styling affecting mobile and tablet
    • Fix styling of Map Form Element layout 4 on tablet, where map is overlapping on the form.
    • Fix responsive issue on footer menu and bottom footer
    • Fix responsive issue on header that caused by sticky header
    • Fix styling issue on Form consent field validation message and style validation message color when there is image background
    • Revert back the old location url structure as this still have issue when a location doesn’t have category
    • Fix the issue on property and design single listing modal not filling the property nameid, and url field
    • Fix the undefine variable error on location element
  • Tweak
    • Update theme sql dump file for theme.hicalibertest.com.au Settings update


Release date: October 2, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added Location Post Archive Template but no settings for now as this will be not use much for most the projects
    • Added new helper class slider-adaptive-height to make a carousel height changes when sliding
  • Fix
    • Fix JS issue on Location Map when lookUpLocation field is not displayed or is null
    • Fix all element not showing (has-image,has-video,…) classes affecting split layout elements
  • Tweak
    • Move flex-image-height to base stylesheet to be able to use on any theme.
    • Change disable-carousel-for-large class helper to disable-slider-for-large.
    • Change carousel-center-mode class helper to slider-center-mode.
  • Enhancement
    • Allow toggling classes to button shortcode.
    • Allow adding id to location_detail shortcode to specify the location data will be pull from and allowing the shortcode to work on any page.


Release date: September 30, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added new helper class inline-choices to make checkbox or radio choice inlined
    • Added new shortcode attribute model to content_box to specify the content box model.
    • Added new shortcode attribute type, box, button_text, and result_to_show to recent_posts shortcode to change post type and allowing the usage of content box structure and allow choosing the row number of the result.
    • Added Location Post Setting for Sidebar and Single Page with Element Builder.
  • Fix
    • Fix issue on Testimonial Video play icon showing even there is no video.
    • Fix styling of gfield radio to be circle when rendered on the front end and fix margin
    • Fix the issue on 5 per row gallery element when have disable-carousel-for-large helper.
  • Enhancement
    • Update Team Location field to access more than one location.
    • Center Map marker on location single page by default.


Release date: September 25, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added new user location user with restriction and ability to update/delete assigned location post only.
    • Added new class helper whitescale-images to display image icon as white.
  • Fix
    • Fix location permalink issue causing pages to return 404 error (temporary fix) but reverting the url structure of location post.
    • Fix issue with shortcode hic_set_post_title prepend attribute.
    • Added css for large-2_4 on the base stylesheet fixing issue on 5 column grid layout.
  • Enhancement
    • Enhance contact_info shortcode, allowing to organize and display specific/all site contact info on the page and allowing the info in plain with seperator for each.


Release date: September 23, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added new shortcode Sitemap to display Page or CPT sitemap .
    • Added Footer Button on Page Content Element
    • Added new options to choose Filter Type for Team Element
    • Added dropdown filter type to Team Element
  • Fix
    • Fix Link a Location field not showing on team CPT.
    • Fix Google Map JS issue for initMap function callback.
    • Fix Location structure removing the second section-body class and grid class on Element Section Body
    • Fix Styling of Category filter (isotopenav) on both Location and Team Element
  • Enhancement
    • Rewrite Location CPT permalink to location/%location_category%/%location_name% and location/%location_name% if no category.
    • Rewrite Location Post CPT permalink to location/%location_category%/%location_name%/%post_name% and location/location_post/%post_name% if no selected location.


Release date: September 22, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added the Element Width option to Page Content Element.
    • Added Category filter for Team Element
    • Added Location field on team CPT and add location filter for Team Element
  • Fix
    • Remove realty logo as footer default logo and change to the same logo as header.
    • Fix issue on property listing and design listing carousel conflicting with the theme carousel
    • Fix Location structure removing the second section-body class and grid class on Element Section Body
    • Fix Styling of Category filter (isotopenav) on both Location and Team Element
  • Enhancement
    • Update Isotype script to be generic, allowing multiple isotype navigation on different element (Location and Team for now).


Release date: September 21, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added new class helper full-col-for-medium to display columns in full width on tablet.
    • Added new class helper xsmall-container
    • Added new class helper primary-theme-boxes
    • Added page-element-layout.php that can be use to clone element layout.
  • Tweak
    • Change disable-carousel-large class helper to disable-carousel-for-large
    • Change horizontal class helper for list to inline-list class helper. Also allow inline-list to be attached to page element
    • Change box-equal-height class helper to content-equal-height 
    • Change hic-pricing-table class helper to box-equal-height 
    • Move white-titles, white-boxes, grey-boxes, box-shadow, box-border, image-above-content-for-medium, two-col-for-medium class helper to base stylesheet.
  • Fix
    • Fix header menu alignment issue 
    • Fix Contact info responsive with one column layout


Release date: September 17, 2020

  • Dev
    • Added new shortcode content_box to display single content box
    • Added new shortcode menu to display any menu anywhere on the page
    • Added new shortcode location_detail to display specific location detail on any location and location post single page
    • Added new Option Element Width Settings for Content Box Element to allow changing width to default, small, medium, large, and full
    • Added Enable Single Page option on Testimonial module
    • Added Custom Slug setting to customized testimonial CPT slug
    • Added Single Page Element Builder on Testimonial
  • Tweak
    • Change contact-info shortcode to contact_info
    • Change social-media shortcode to social_media
    • Change htw-map shortcode to location_map
    • Change post-title shortcode to post_title and its attribute first-word-only to first_word_only
    • Change team-social-media shortcode to team_social_media
    • Change hic_footer_logo shortcode to footer_logo
    • Change select-post shortcode to post_select_field
    • Change hic_posts shortcode to recent_posts and its attribute post_per_page to limit
    • Remove unused and outdated shortcode ht-gallery, ht-gallery-album, ht-testimonials, and set-content-boxes
  • Enhancement
    • Remove modal shortcode and enhance button shortcode, allowing to display modal button
    • Added prepend attribute to post_title shortcode to add text at the beginning of the title