Membership Plugin

Our Launchpad Membership Plugin is an addon which works seamlessly with our base Launchpad platform and can be used to display restricted content to members / users on the website. Once a registration form for membership has been submitted the user will receive login details to be able to access the members area. The site owner will also receive notification of a new member in case the access is unauthorised or needs to be removed.

This plugin is useful when you have specific content in which you want only to be given to a specific user and/ or to be able to capture that users details for marketing purposes.

Members can be assigned as different types / users to give you more flexibility and control, (for example Customer / Supplier / Guest) which will allow them to see specific content based on the membership type.

Please note, our base Membership Plugin does not handle payment / purchasing of memberships however can be customised to achieve a paid membership or subscription arrangement.


  • Included
    • Ability to restrict content to member access only and offer exclusive / private content
    • Registration form to become a member with basic profile
    • Email notification of member login details
    • Email notification to website owner of new member
    • Three (3) Membership types with page restrictions
    • Membership for life or until manually removed
    • Display of content restricted per user type
    • Login page / my account page and register page
  • Not Included *
    • Payment Gateway
    • Membership / subscription renewal
    • Email automation of membership renewal
    • Paid membership subscription model

    * Additional costs apply


See our Membership Plugin in action!

How to Purchase

If you would like to purchase this extension, please submit a support request and we will respond shortly.